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Rancho 5000 vs 9000 | Which is Best?【2023】

I hope you will agree with me when I say that;

 Finding the right shock absorber for your jeep is never an easy task & when we talk about rancho 5000 vs. 7000 vs. 9000, well, things can get a lot more complicated 

Although factory shock extensions have allowed getting a decent lift on many wrangler series, we can’t say that they have been the best solutions on a variety of terrain. When it comes to running bigger tires or heavier wheels, there are definitely times when they can’t keep up with the pace, often leading to a poor off-road experience altogether.

Lucky for us, manufacturers like Rancho have produced a number of innovations over recent years that are known for their excellence. Today we will be taking a look at the Rancho 5000 vs. 9000 series and deciding which one is best for your buck. We will also be going through things like Rancho xl 9000 adjustment, Rancho rs5000 vs. rs5000x & how to adjust Rancho 5000 shocks, so make sure to follow till the end.

Brief Comparison

According to a number of Rancho shocks reviews, the only thing that varies from Rancho 5000 vs 9000 models is how they are adjusted. Essentially, Rancho rs5000 follows a twin-tube gas chamber that can be adapted using the piston length. In contrast to that, Rancho xl 9000 adjustment is a lot smooth thanks to the addition of valve-wise mechanics. This will ensure that your ride remains smooth throughout the journey.

Which is better in Rancho 5000 vs. 7000 vs. 9000?

Well, it all depends on your personal needs and goals. If you mostly use your vehicle as a daily driver with a little bit of towing and off-road experience, then Rancho RS5000 specs will just do fine. While for those who can spend a bit of extra, then we definitely recommend the Rancho RS 9000 as they are fully adjustable and can give you a smooth OE ride.

Rancho 5000 vs 9000 -Heads-on Comparison
FeaturesRancho RS5000Rancho RS 9000
DebutSince 1985 Released back in 2014
Surface DesignLow pressure-charged Twin-tube bodyRancho 9000 shocks jeep jk are gas charged
Dimensions 21inches of extended length 24.2 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches
Piston length35mm diameter pistonApprox. 60mm
Overall weight4 pounds7 pounds
Gas-Pressurized mechanics No Robust gas chamber
Protective Boot compatibility Included Rancho RS 9000 is fully equipped
Valving setup 10 stage valvingNine levels of adjustment
Vehicle TypeMostly on-road trucks and SUVsBoth On-road & off-road Jeeps, trucks & SUV
Milage50-70k miles50-100k miles
Price $57-60$125

After comparing the Rancho RS5000 specs, it’s quite clear that these shock absorbers are quite compatible for jeeps with stock height and moderate towing. There isn’t much difference in mileage, and as long as you stay on-road, the Rancho shocks RS5000 front and rear set will provide you decent feedback.

With that said, the Rancho 9000 steering stabilizer being a bit heavier can give a whole new meaning to your wheeling experience. They are gas charged and incorporate nine levels of a valve adjustment, so yes, you can definitely try Rancho 9000 shocks jeep jk.

Rancho RS5000 Specs Overview

Rancho RS55005 - Rancho RS5000 Shock Absorbers

So preferably, one of the major shock absorber units for truck and jeeps these days include the Rancho Rs 5000. It’s their tried and testing model featuring a twin-tube body with a base valve and the main piston, which forces hydraulic fluid as it moves through the valve. This will contribute to your jeep and truck’s dampening as you move it through any typical zones.

Tech Comparo: Rancho RS5000 Vs. Rancho RS5000XRancho RS5000 vs. RS5000x

Another popular Rancho shocks review debate is the difference between the X version and the regular one. Generally speaking, the Rancho RS5000 is a hydro-damped only absorber, while the 5000X variants are gas-charged, meaning they have around 150psi gas charge, which you can tell by the expansion of the rod itself. Previously the hydro-damped absorbers couldn’t self-expand because there was no gas release. However, that is gradually changed by the new-gen RS5000X capable of easy transition.

Rancho 9000 Overview RANCHO RS9000XL Adjustable Shocks - Compatible with 01-10 GMC SIERRA 2500HD 4WD : AutomotiveIn terms of the Rancho 5000 vs. 7000 vs. 9000, the RS 9000 is most similar to the 5000 one rather than the 7000 model. It is also a gas-charged twin-tube shock absorber with a somewhat beefy body. With a two and a quarter-inch of surface, the Rancho RS 9000 can be utilized for several applications. Some jeeps aren’t even compatible with such thick of a shock. However, regardless, the Rancho 9000 offers a great set of customizations. It’s included with an adjustment knob as well as a base valve connected with the main setup for more rugged jeeps.

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Added Features - Rancho 5000 vs 7000 vs 9000
Rancho 5000Rancho 7000Rancho 9000
Advanced Patented valving system Ten stage backend valving9 position tuning technology
Tuned compression controlTunning specific compression Manually adjustable ride control
Fully dissipated 35mm bore46mm monotube boreRancho shocks RS5000 front and rear set
Rebound bumper Distinctive hydraulic lockoutBumper rebounding with Polyurethane
Natural rubber bushing (harshness absorption)Black surface rubber bushings 2X welded loops
Responsive Piston travel Fluon-banded pistonHeavy-duty Fluon banded piston
All-weather suspension fluidThermally stabilized Dynamic fluid to maintain temperature fluctuations
Decent travel length Full-floating dividing pistonRancho 9000 steering stabilizer
Warranty on purchase Limited warranty Lifetime warranty

How to Adjust Rancho 5000 Shocks In 2022?

Now setting up the Rancho shocks rebate might not be as simple as Rancho xl 9000 adjustment, but it surely isn’t as complicated as one might expect. So, first of all, you need to pull the vehicle on a flat level surface and then chalk the rear tires, so the jeep retains its position. As you lift it up, pull out the parking brakes, just for that added safety. Once the vehicle is lowered down, remove the OE shock by separating the two bolts/nuts at the top.

Now it’s time to attach the Rancho shocks rebate by using a couple of 48ft torque upper and 89ft LB nuts. Unfortunately, the Rancho shocks rs5000 front and rear set aren’t fully adjustable, so you won’t be able to valve it up or down to your use case. We hope that this provided you with some insight into how to adjust Rancho 5000 shocks.

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Final Verdict

All in all, this was our brief takedown on Rancho 5000 vs. 9000, in which we compared different Rancho shocks reviews. Before purchasing either one (Rancho 9000 vs. 5000), remember that not every option is available for every platform. So, any older models like a Broncho won’t cope with the RS 9000 and vice versa. That’s why only choose Rancho RS5000 specs if it fits your specific application or need. Either way, there isn’t necessarily a winner in the Rancho 5000 vs. 7000 vs. 9000 debate, as they can all get the job done depending on the implication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1, What are necessary Rancho shocks installation instructions?

Installation instructions for almost every Rancho model follow the Rancho 5000 shocks review. Just ensure that the parking breaks are properly set and that the jack stand is beneath the frame and not the front control.

Q2, How can I adjust Rancho 9000 xl?

The Rancho 9000 adjustment can be archived by using a simple tuning valve located at the rear end.

Q3, Where can I find authentic Rancho 5000 shocks reviews?

To obtain genuine Rancho 5000 shocks review, head over to sites like Amazon or

Q4, Fox vs. Rancho, which one is better?

Both of them are renowned manufacturers of automobile parts. However, in terms of reliability, Rancho can clearly outsmart its competition.

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