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Rhino Liner vs Linex【Which is Better?】[2023]

I hope you will agree with me when I say that:

 Your truck beds are essential as they carry heavy cargo for you making traveling a lot more comfortable. 

Have you been having issues with your truck bed that it gets rusty too quick, and you see dents and scratches all over that break your heart as it doesn’t look as shiny and attractive as it was when you first got it? Investing in your trucks and then watching them lose their appealing appearance is not what anyone would want. Well, bed liners are a good solution that you can look into to save your truck beds.

Changing weather conditions and heavy cargo causes the paint on truck beds to fade away, create dents, scratches, and get rusty. For this reason, it is essential to take care of your truck beds, and this can be done using a Bedliner.  There are two types of bed liners available: a spray-on and drop-in. A spray-on bed liner is ideal if you want a more custom appearance and protection. This is applied by an application tool similar to a spray can, and it simply adheres directly to the metal of your truck. This process can take longer and might require a professional if you need a neat appearance.  On the other hand, a drop-in bed liner is a hard piece of plastic that is cut to fit the shape of your truck bed, and you just have to place it right. The process is easy and can be done by anyone.

Spray-on liners is an aftermarket tool, but having Rhino liner dealers who can be trusted makes going for an aftermarket product safe. Most customers prefer Rhino liner do-it-yourself spray-on bed liner.

spray-on bedliner

Rhino Liner vs Linex

Rhino liner vs Linex bed lining, both of these brands are well known and trusted. Both have an easy and similar installation process along with effectiveness. Linex vs Rhino in terms of warranty, both brands offer a lifetime warranty. In addition, Rhino bed liner cost vs Linex bed liner cost is quite similar, so the customer’s decision comes down to narrow and technical details or personal preference.

FeaturesRhino LinerLinex
MaterialThick, soft and gentle to knees.Thin but rough to the knees and cargo.
Finished AppearanceDull in color due to thick material.Shiny and factory like finish.
How long can it last?Designed to last forever.Will fade away.
Time to dry Few seconds.One hour.
Chemical resistantYes.Yes.
Water resistant Rhino Eco-Coat is a waterproof.Applying LINE-X XS-310 forms a single waterproofing barrier.
Durability toughest bed liner, can withstand abrasion, scratches, denting, tears, etc. can withstand tensile strengths up to 6,600 PSI.

Appearance and Installation

Rhino Liner vs Linex, Rhino linings are increased in thickness compared to Linex. This thickness is a plus point for many users because it is soft and gentle to the knees and makes moving the cargo easy creating less noise.

Furthermore, it has a good grip on the cargo. On the other hand, Linex bed liners are thinner, about ¼’ thick which adds to uniformity and durability. This can be rough on the knees and for the cargo on the bumpy road. However, this system runs at 130-210 degrees, ensuring the installation is free from crackling, bubbling, flaking, and dries in 3-5 seconds. 

do it yourself bedliner

Due to the thicker material, Rhino linings won’t follow the contours lines of the truck bed. Since Linex is comparatively thin, it easily conforms to the contour lines providing a factory-like finish and no loss of cargo space bed lids, camper shells, etc. Linex vs rhino appearance has a huge difference. Due to the thick material, Rhino bed lining has a dull appearance that many customers do not enjoy, especially when spending extra money on color matching. However, the soft and rubbery texture affects its resistance and tearing. Rhino liner spray can also provide water-resistant installation.

Linex is more water and tear-resistant also; it can also be resistant to chemicals like diesel fuel, bleach, gasoline, chlorine, and other household solvents. The appearance of Linex is shinier and more admirable than Rhino, but they have a rough texture that can cause dents and scratches on the cargo.

line x bedliner

Rhino liner dealers have no franchise, so the installation process is done by different individuals for different customers so it may vary, and uniformity is not present. Make sure the installer is a professional and is using a hot, high-pressure method. Rhino liner cost of installation and Linex cost of installation is usually the same. Still, the price may vary depending on any customizations you might go for, such as color matching, surface spraying, etc.

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Rhino bed liner vs Linex both use similar chemicals, but there are differences in their performance that are worth considering. Line x possesses higher tensile strength, which means excellent resistance from rips, gouges, and tears. It has a better finish that precisely cuts around the contours and gives a shiny factory-like finish. Compared to the Rhino bed lining, which is thick and dull in texture, gentle on the knees and cargo.

We have attached a video below to help you better understand the application of Rhino Liner spray.


Line x vs rhino warranty: Both have a lifetime warranty, but it might be challenging to claim a Rhino liner warranty because they do not have a franchise. However, Rhino liner cost or required maintenance is near to none because it can last a long while, and if used carefully, you won’t have to use the warranty. Rhino liner costs a little less than Line X, yet none requires additional maintenance costs over the years. The average Rhino bed liner cost is $470.41, and the average line X cost is $481.77. The prices may vary depending on your city and installation. 

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Color Matching

Do you want youR bed lining to look natural? Are you wondering if you get a white rhino liner because you have a white truck? Well, yes, you can white rhino liner spray cans are available, and so is the option of color matching by both of the brands to fulfill your custom requirements.

However, this will require extra costs. Also, Rhino liner vs Line x reviews on the color matching state that Line x and Rhino liner paint fade away faster than the factory paint unless you pay more for UV protection, which is frustrating. Furthermore, the thickness of rhino liner material makes color matching impossible, so even extra costs won’t do the job.

color matching bed liner

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Rhino liner vs Linex Reddit

Rhino liner vs Linex Reddit reviews are beneficial, and customers who still cannot choose can find a lot here. Detailed Rhino liner reviews are uploaded here, and Rhino bed liner vs Linex comparisons. Many audiences here post about their experiences which you can compare and figure out the best option for yourself.

If you are wondering where to buy rhino liner because, as we know now that they do not have any franchise, you can post your question about where to buy Rhino liner near me, and people will help you. Mentioning Rhino liner near me can also help you learn if there is an individual near you selling Rhino liner that can be an advantage for you. Rhino liner vs Linex Reddit will also provide more detailed knowledge like how much Rhino bed liner is in your city or the best Rhino liner. People also look into the comparison of raptor liner vs Linex. It is an interesting comparison, and if you do not enjoy rhino lining because they are thick, you can search for raptor liner vs Linex.

Mobile Rhino lining is also popular among people. You can find all these and Rhino liner extreme reviews on Reddit that will help you because these are all genuine reviews by people who are using the product.

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To summarize, both brands have been known for years and are doing their best to provide you with the best quality they can. Both of the products have significant differences, which involve personal preference. However, if you are still indecisive about which one to go for, you can search for the comparison on Reddit, where people post their experiences, which can help you choose.

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