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Monstaliner vs Raptor Liner [Which is Better?] [2023]

Selecting an appropriate bed liner coating for your jeep or truck is an important task. Their functionality helps to protect your vehicle’s surfaces from wear and tear along with improving the aesthetics of the vehicle. Hence, the selection of a bed liner calls for a detailed comparison.

Monstaliner and raptor liner are two of the commonly available bed liners in the market. Their popularity makes them ideal choices but what if the question arises of “monstaliner vs raptor liner“? To cater to this confusion, the following content is provided.

A brief introduction of both bed liners followed by a comparison regarding various properties will allow you to make the best choice out of the two! Your queries such as where to buy Monstaliner or where is Monstaliner for sale will be answered, too.

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Individual Reviews

To provide a little introduction before getting into the comparison, the following section will brief you about Monstaliner and Raptor Liner.


To begin with, one of the best features of the Monstaliner bed liner is its Do it Yourself property. Many truck or jeep owners like to do their vehicle’s work on their own and this feature helps with just that. Even though you may not be a pro, Monstaliner coverage promises to provide a professional look with an easy installation process. However, Monstaliner is much known for its durability.

Not only that, Monstaliner reviews claim that the process is fast and is remarkably less expensive than many other brands in the market. The Monstaliner kit includes the roll-on method which is much preferred if you are wondering about Monstaliner spray vs roll. Although Monstaliner problems may include its roll-on technique and spray liners are known to provide better results, Monstaliner bed liner still outdoes many.

At the time of the decision, the main element to compare Monstaliner vs Herculiner is the texture after the paint. Many Monstaliner long-term reviews suggest that the fantastic surface texture is the result of the quality of rollers used for installation and due to crumb rubber, no compromise is made. The texture at the end feels just like that of a spray liner. Moreover, Monstaliner coating prevents 100% damage from UV.

If you are wondering where to buy Monstaliner from and is Monstaliner for sale present, then do not worry because it is easily available at the Monstaliner amazon link.

Raptor Liner

Whenever we are comparing Herculiner vs Raptor Liner, Raptor Liner is most likely to win the race. This result has been deduced from the fact that Raptor Liner is a spray bed liner that is preferred over the Herculiner or other roll-on bed liners. Therefore, it is the preference of many vehicle owners to protect their vehicles from adverse effects.

The key feature of this spray-on bed liner is that it converts itself after drying into an ultra-hard coating that protects the vehicle from damage such as rust, chips, scratches, and peels. The Raptor Liner is formulated from blended polyurethane substance or thick urethane that manages to provide an adhesive coating. This adhesive coating, thereby, protects from any scratch or dent.

Moreover, the adhesive coating also prevents the vehicle from concrete dust, chemical spills, or substances that tend to corrode the surfaces. With such protection and great aesthetics, your vehicle is likely to stand out.

Comparison of Monstaliner vs Raptor Liner

In order to make the best decision, it is necessary to consider all the options and their respective features. Furthermore, an appropriate comparison of these features will, therefore, enable you to make the right choice. The following table will help to summarize the differences of Monstaliner and Raptor Liner.

FeaturesMonstalinerRaptor Liner
Made up ofUrethane Polymers2 Component Urethane System
Flashpoint108-degree Fahrenheit108-degree Fahrenheit
ToughnessTough Texture Surface10 x Tougher than others
Touch DryWithin 3 to 5 HoursWithin an Hour
ApplicationRoll-onBrush or Roll-on
Surface Cover up per gallon60 sq ft125 sq ft
FlexibilityTop notchsuperb
ColorsMultiple OptionsOnly Black
Second CoatWithin an HourAt least after an Hour
ApplicabilityDeveloped for jeeps and pickup trucksDeveloped for trucks, jeeps, cars, and tractors

To choose the best bed liner, the following comparison will lead you to the best choice. There are many comparisons these days which include Monstaliner vs Rhino liner, Raptor Liner vs Line-X, Herculiner vs Raptor, or Monstaliner vs Herculiner. For the scope of this article, we will be comparing Raptor Liner vs Monstaliner based on the following features.

1. Packaging

Commendable packaging is an important feature that is considered by companies in the manufacturing process. The right type of usable tools incorporated in the packaging gives an edge to the company. The best part of both the competitors is how carefully they are manufactured and packaged.

Raptor Liner has been in the market for quite some time now. Hence, this gives an edge to the company as it knows the demands of the consumer market.  Therefore, the company precisely manufactures and delivers the package that includes spray guns, a liner, and a hardener.

On the other hand, Monstaliner reviews suggest that it manages to provide a simpler packaging yet an effective one. The Monstaliner kit involves some basic installation tools along with a liner. However, the hardener and the rest of the necessary tools need to be purchased separately.

2. Build Quality

As much as the exterior matters, the interior is also no less important. Hence, when the comparison is being made for Monstaliner vs Raptor Liner, the comparison on formula should not be left out. However, the most amazing part about this particular comparison is that the formulation is the same for both.

Both of these bed liners are made up of urethane polymers. The main aim of using this formulation specifically is due to its numerous attributes. It can be applied directly and dries pretty quickly, too. Furthermore, along with the ultra hardness factor, it also manages to provide protection from the harmful effects of UV rays.

3. Hardness

The hardness of these liners depends on the formulation used. Similarly, the hardness factor is the same for both, too. As widely known, liners with urethane are super flexible and have the ability to dry quickly. However, their flexible nature does not tend to affect their sturdiness. Raptor Liner and Monstaliner jeep exteriors are hard and durable.

These liners are sturdy to such an extent that they can withstand any type of scratches, stains, and abrasions. Moreover, the sturdiness also comes in handy in times of extreme temperature and weather conditions. Not only that, your vehicles can be prevented from gasoline or any other chemical substances and is also waterproof. Eventually, the liners promise to prevent your vehicle from rusting, too.

4. Durability

With the immersion of new technology and formulation, these liners are known to last very long periods of time. The ultra-hard coating does not get rusty, peel off, or get damaged by any chemical substance. The protection from UV radiation and corrosion increases the lifetime of these liners. An estimation for the life of these liners is given to be almost 10 to 20 years.

5. Aesthetics

Even though the main purpose of the bed liners is to protect your vehicle from potential damage but they also tend to provide enhanced looks to your vehicle. In that aspect, it becomes necessary to consider how a bed liner will make your vehicle look from the outside.

Compared to simple roll-on paints, liners provide a better look. Although both the coating types provide a similar look, the raptor coatings have their special texture. The dark-colored coating promises to provide, both, protection and aesthetics.

On the other hand, Monstaliner coverage has come a long way in the field of development of their aesthetics. They have managed to spend a great sum of money over the past years to back up their already technically better product with enhanced aesthetics. As a result, they have come up with 37 different options in colors. All-nighter Monstaliner is a very popular shade among jeep owners. Monstaliner all nighter and many other Monstaliner new colors will provide you with the aesthetics you are going to love.

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6. Appropriate Vehicle

With the increased use of bed liners, their importance has become non-negotiable now. Every jeep or truck owner feels it as a necessity nowadays. Due to their high fame and great, both of these bed liners are suitable for nearly all vehicles.

In the comparison of Monstaliner vs Raptor Liner, both of the bed liners stand at the same point in this category. Both of these liners are suitable for the inside of buses and trailers, whole chassis, jeeps, truck covers and beds, engines, and other associated compartments. Monstaliner bumpers are a huge name in the market these days.

Installation Guide

For the Raptor liner, you need to begin by just filling the spray gun and then can start the coating process. However, the hardener is optional in this case and can be applied at a later stage. If there are any rusty areas or for bare steel, the use of acid primer becomes a necessity. The Raptor Liner coating dries within an hour and you will be good to go.

On the other hand, considering Monstaliner instructions, it needs to have a hardener added in the very first attempt. However, manufacturers advise you to not use the cans directly. Furthermore, it takes Monstaliner 3 to 5 hours to dry. It is advised to paint evenly so that the texture remains the same overall. As to answer how much Monstaliner do I need, after the first attempt, if the need arises, you can add a second layer, too. Monstaliner spray vs roll-on comparison does not matter in the application since it provides good enough results.






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Since trucks and jeeps are made for extremely tough and rough conditions, their protection must be our top priority. One such method to prevent your vehicles from being damaged is the use of bed liners. With the help of this article based on Raptor Liner and Monstaliner’s long-term reviews and customer feedback, you can easily choose the best option from the top-selling bed liners in the market. Based on the provided comparison of their features, it will be trouble-free for you to make a choice.

Raptor Liner and Monstaliner for sale are easily present on Raptor Liner amazon and Monstaliner Amazon, respectively.

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