7 Best Jeep Bumpers and Best Jeep Wrangler Bumpers to Buy in 2023【Reviewed】

I hope you agree with me when I say this:

 There are a couple of different categories of front bumpers on the market, so buying them in 2022 is a tedious task 

When it comes to your jeep, you want to select the ideal accessories possible that will keep it stable as well as make it look appealing when you’re on track. One of the components that most JK owners go for is the front bumpers. They are a great way to enhance front-end protection and integral when it comes to incorporating additional outdoor utilities. However, choosing the prime jeep front bumper is not an easy task as their different types and styles are available in the market. In addition to size, they also feature specific benefits which will ultimately hinder your buying preferences.

That’s why today, we will discuss some of the top-rated Jeep Bumpers that you can get in 2022. Whether you’re looking for steel jeep bumpers, cheap jeep bumpers, EAG bumpers, or even a factory jeep bumper, we will have a pick for you. There is even a detailed buying guide, in the end, to help you out in selecting the greatest. Also, make sure to check our previous articles such as 6 Off-Road Air Compressors to Buy in 2022 or Jeep JK 33-inch Tires Stock Wheels – How-To Guide, for further guidance.

So without wasting any further time, let’s get straight into it!

Best Jeep Wrangler Bumpers in 2022:

Here is our list of prime jeep bumpers that you can avail of in 2022.

EAG Front 07-18 Wrangler JK Bumper 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
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Barricade Trail Force HD Jeep Bumpers with LED9/10
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Redrock 4x4 Stubby Winch Front Bumper8.5/10
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Poison Spyder Bruiser Mid Front Bumper8/10
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Mopar Steel Rubicon Stubby Front Bumper8/10
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Smittybilt 76892 XRC Atlas Front Bumper7/10
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Nighthawk Bumper with Mid Tubes7/10
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1)  EAG Front 07-18 Wrangler JK Bumper

eag bumperWhy we love it:

  • Among the Best Jeep Wrangler Bumpers on the market
  • Available with heavy-duty construction
  • Compact yet lightweight jeep bumpers
  • Fully adjustable in off-road environments
  • Easy to install and use

✔️Incorporated with heavy-duty 5/32" thick mild steel sheet❌The powdered coating in these prime Jeep Bumpers comes right off the sheet after sometime
✔️It contains dual high strength D-Ring mounts❌Lack of Fog lights in the housing
✔️Affordable jeep wrangler bumpers for sale

Starting our list at number one, we have the Front 07-18 Wrangler JK Bumper, which is currently the number one pick among Jeep Bumpers. As you might’ve guessed from EAG bumper reviews, they dominate the industry with their massive catalog of front bumpers and other aftermarket jeep bumpers accessories.


The EAG Front 07-18 Wrangler JK Bumper is their latest edition product with decent ergonomics right of the backend. You won’t be getting all the front from your tire collision, but it does provide added clearance on the trail. Unlike many full-width jeep front bumpers, it boasts a decent amount of compactness which you can’t go wrong picking in 2022.

The 5/32″ thick mild steel sheet in the construction with a textured black coating makes it stand out from the rest. In addition to that, many EAG bumper reviews suggest that the 2″ x 0.120″ steel tubing limits the hazardous effects of corrosion and added dust. If that’s not enough, you will definitely love the additional attachments for d-hooks and a lynch plate ready to go!

Standard Features

Speaking about the standard features, you will get several holes at the base for easy attachments of OEM lights. There is also a bull bar with extra tabs on these kinds of jeep wrangler bumpers for sale for mounting any other light accessory. In contrast to that, you will have dual D-ring mounts and a winch plate that is fully functional to roundabout 12,000 pounds.

For protection, just like many EAG bumpers, it features DV8 plating integrated with the bull bar. This functionality will not only make it a durable but also a sturdy-looking unit on the road. Lastly, being among cheap jeep bumpers contains an integrated stock fog light housing that can be adjusted for widening the FOV. In short, you can’t go wrong getting these jeep front bumpers.

You can get EAG Front Bumper on viciousoffroad.com

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2)  Barricade Trail Force HD Jeep Bumpers with LED

Why we love it?

  • Straightforward installation without the need for accessories
  • Overall top-rated front bumper for jeep jk
  • D-Ring Mounts with staggering 9000lb capacity
  • Amongst decent looking jeep bumpers
  • Adjustable Led Accent Lighting

✔️Best looking jeep bumpers in 2021❌There are no installation instruction provided with the packaging
✔️Top of the line D-Ring Mounts with enhanced capacity ❌EAG bumpers offer a better price to performance ratio than these cheap jeep bumpers
✔️Durable steel plating with extra efficient covering

When we talk about jeep wrangler bumpers for sale, one of the jeep front bumpers often underlooked is the Trail Force HD from Barricade. It is made to last long without any slight drawbacks on aesthetics. This component can last you longer than e bumpers due to its incorporation of high-end materials in the design.

best jeep wrangler bumpersErgonomics

This particular model for Barricade is available without LED. However, you should go for the original design to give you extra peace of mind. They are a bit of safety lighting that will also provide a pleasing look to the design. The Barricade Trail Force HD is among jeep off-road bumpers since it has a solid steel construction.

It will enhance the aesthetics of your jeep and make it fully functional in the long run. Like many EAG bumpers, these jeep off-road bumpers have a sleek black powder coating finish, which will help in resistance against dust and corrosion. In addition to that, it weighs just under 11 pounds, so you don’t need to worry much about maintaining it.

Standard Features

As we discussed earlier, it is the ideal front bumper for jeep jk because it has two D-ring mounts that are to be welded across the bumper. It is great to have these D-rings and the bumpers cost you a bit if you get them separately.

On top of that, they are connected solidly with the frame rail, so you can definitely utilize them to recover without any complication. Speaking about the price tag, they are also cheap jeep bumpers, so you won’t need to spend 1K plus getting them. At the rear-end, a hoop goes over the top, which is added to provide lightweight protection to your winch.

You can get a Barricade Bumper on extremeterrain.com

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3)  Redrock 4×4 Stubby Winch Front Bumper

Why do we love it?

  • Renowned jeep off-road bumpers
  • Equipped with a built-in winch plate
  • Welded D-mounts on the design
  • Wide range of OE fog light cut-outs
  • Easy to read the installation guide
  • Aggressive styling at the backend

✔️It boasts a Stinger Bar Design❌The mounting bolts might fluctuate within the installation
✔️Included among best-looking jeep bumpers with included D-rings and mounts❌Not enough headroom for front LED lightings
✔️Known for its longevity

If you are searching for the overall prime aftermarket jeep bumpers, then you can’t go wrong picking the Redrock 4×4 Stubby Winch Front Bumper. It’s also a classic-looking bumper for a jeep with tons of features right off the bat. The integrated components of this high-end front bumper are sturdy, and ergonomics are stable for any off-road condition.


As the name suggests, it’s about both functionality and aesthetics. Design-wise, it’s a relatively stable model in its lineup. The textured coated finishing enhances its visuals, while the corners protruded outside to make it stand out in long-term conditions. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s among stubby jeep off-road bumpers, so width-wise, it will be a bit shorter.

Some might say that it is a downfall as it comes just outside the frame rails, but if you don’t care about the size that much, then it’s ready to go. Additionally, this functionality maintains its aggressive styling. It doesn’t have lights or even space for one as it’s among the shorter sides, so if you need one with this feature, you should look somewhere else.

Standard Features

Furthermore, as the name mentions, it has an intuitive stinger on it. You might not realize it, but these days stingers are integral to aftermarket jeep bumpers, not only aesthetic-wise but also due to performance. If you’re into hardcore wheeling or mostly coming down from obstacles, then the stinger helps make contact with the ground, putting you back on the tires.

Additionally, for safety purposes, a stinger is much needed in any bumper for a jeep. Redrock 4×4 Stubby Winch Front Bumper is also gusseted, but the gussets aren’t that strong enough and won’t hold the vehicle’s overall weight, so you shouldn’t rely on them much.

The Redrock 4×4 Stubby Winch Front Bumper might not be within the cheap jeep bumpers category, but it won’t cost you a fortune. It’s even equipped with a winch mount, which will make you stand out from the crowd.

You can get Redrock Bumper at extremeterrain.com

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4)  Poison Spyder Bruiser Mid Front Bumper

Why we love it?

  • Top-rated mid-width jeep jk bumper
  • Armored Coat Finishing for extra protection
  • It can accommodate 2×2 LED Cube Lights
  • Stable departure angles in the construction
  • Recessed holes for LED lighting

✔️One of the attractive units with cleaner lines ❌As compared to competitors, it might be a bit expensive
✔️Performance-driven steel jeep bumpers❌It doesn't come equipped with LED lightings
✔️High-end jeep bumpers with winch

Factory jeep bumpers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but if you are looking for a front bumper for jeep jk, you can’t go wrong choosing the Poison Spyder Bruiser Mid Front Bumper. With the accommodation of high clearance and low-profile stature, it can fulfill the need of any outing enthusiast without any hustle.


Ergonomically speaking, it is made from high-end yet durable materials that can withstand any harsh condition. It is truly built like a tank with 3/16 rugged steel. Aside from the fact that there is a lack of plastic on design, the Poison Spyder Bruiser Mid Front Bumper is equipped with a winch plate that you can easily lay down, giving your jeep a premium look.

Furthermore, this integration will also enhance the airflow passing through your engine bay much more efficiently. While aesthetic-wise, this factory jeep bumper is a complete unit. The overall body goes from one grill to another, which is a nice thing to have in a mid-width jeep jk bumper. Unlike the competitors, there is an excellent ground clearance to it so that you won’t be disappointed in the long term.

Standard Features

In terms of stand-alone features, the Poison Spyder Bruiser Jeep Bumpers contain several recovery mounts that are welded not just from outside but also internally as well, so your jeep can have additional strength. While at the corners, there are square holes that are recessed, so you can use them to mount your cube LED lights. These lightings don’t come pre-packaged, so make sure to purchase them.

Those worried about its longevity will be glad to know that these factory jeep bumpers are powder coated in a semi-gloss fashion. Additionally, they offer a skid plate for the front, which is something to keep in mind if you put your bet on it.

Poison Spyder also offers a rear model which looks much cleaner. Its trailer hitch is raised, so get some additional clearance. If you have the budget, then you definitely go for it!

You can get Poison Spider Bumper on extremeterrain.com

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5)  Mopar Steel Rubicon Stubby Front Bumper

Why do we love it?

  • It is amidst lightweight jeep bumpers
  • It fits in the latest jeep models without any trouble
  • Standard License plate mounting holes
  • Solid steel framework for longevity
  • Great price and aesthetics

✔️Quality Jeep Bumpers with brand-new incandescent LED bulbs ❌It's a full steel bumper so that you will notice rust issues
✔️Equipped with additional wiring harness❌You have to pay some extra cash on its purchase
✔️Aggressive styling with solid design

Moving on to the number 5th spot, we have the Mopar Steel Rubicon Stubby, another tubular front bumper known for its functionality, right off the bat. Its installation is pretty straightforward, and the design is compact enough to fit in most Jeeps without any additional accessories. Even if you got 2020 models, you wouldn’t need to worry about it.


Straight-off is not a cheap mid-width jeep jk bumper on the market—the reason why it’s within the highest point off-road jeep bumpers category is because of quality materials. The design of the Mopar Steel Rubicon Stubby Front Bumper boasts Satin Black textured finish that is complemented by a solid steel framework. Also, for a stubby bumper, you won’t get end-caps; however, it does work wonders under this configuration.

Another great thing about these off-road jeep bumpers is that they are entirely factory, which means it’s going to ideally bolt up to your jail or gladiator within no time. They are manufactured with eight inches of steel; however, they don’t come equipped with the winch plate, which is a bummer.

Standard Features

The overall look of this bumper is rugged, with customizable toe hooks to match your preferences. It’s a full-length jeep jk bumper, which is going to provide you that boosted front protection. Users who usually utilize their jeeps in challenging trails can simply remove the ends, which will turn them into the stubby bumper.

Plus, it comes with top-of-the-line Mopar LED lighting which is another significant upgrade as you previously had to buy them separately. On top of that, they are already pre-wired, so you won’t have to spend additional time on adjustments.

To further enhance your off-roading capabilities, it has a bolt-on option that is pretty straightforward to use.

You can get Mopar Bumper at allmoparparts.com

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6)  Smittybilt 76892 XRC Atlas Front Bumper

Why we love it?

  • Better equipped than any e auto grilles jeep bumper
  • Stylish bumperette within the design
  • Ergonomically stable D-rings
  • Perfect for larger 37inch tires
  • Equipped with factory fog lighting

✔️Its down to the earth design give you stability❌The side holes can be a bit difficult to adjust at the first glance
✔️Stainless steel hardware makes the adjustment easy❌Poor packaging
✔️Convenient designing

Its no doubt that heavy-duty jeep bumpers are not easy to find these days as dozens of options are widely available. That’s why we bring you the Smittybilt 76892 XRC Atlas Front Bumper, which is another high-end Jeep Bumper with the coolest jeep accessories right off the bat. When it comes to performance and visuals, you won’t find any better deal than this one in the aftermarket.


So, this is among heavy-duty steel jeep bumpers that come in full-width architecture to give you the protection that you rightfully desire. Similarly, there are few cut-outs with this Smittybilt 76892 XRC Atlas Front Bumper that will effectively allow you to manage 37-inch tires in most configurations without any kind of complications related to clearance.

It can also be categorized as a front bumper and winch for a jeep wrangler that also accepts auxiliary lighting, just like most of the models in our list. The mounting plate that comes with this model is Winch-ready, meaning; the winch can be inserted instantly down the rails, which gives you a complete look.

Standard Features

The Smittybilt 76892 XRC Atlas Front Bumper comes right out of the box with an over rider hoop that contains dual tabs with an additional setup for lighting. This is the main reason that separates it from some higher-end models, such as e auto grilles jeep bumper. If you’re still concerned about it, then the acceptance of factory fog lights is a bonus

jeep bumpers

Additionally, you will get a skid plate within the packaging. This won’t completely protect your casing, but what it will do is add a bit of clearance for your jeep.

You can get Smittybilt Bumper at 4wheelparts.com

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7)  Nighthawk Bumper with Mid Tube

Why we love it?

  • Highly intuitive mid-width jeep jk bumper
  • Available with the coolest jeep accessories
  • Made from premium materials
  • Incorporated winch plate for versatility
  • Compact ergonomics

✔️Straightforward adjustment of auxiliary lightings ❌Nothing extra-ordinary in the construction
✔️Jeep bumpers with winch included ❌It has a ton of weight on to it
✔️Internal gusseting in the design

Like EAG, Artec industries are renowned jeep bumper brands for producing some of the premium products, and this Nighthawk Front Bumper is an excellent example of that. It has dozens of features under the hood, while the design itself is genuine enough to withstand outdoor wilderness. This means it’s perfect for your off-road journey without any questions asked.


The Nighthawk Front Bumper with Mid Tube incredibility is well-built, even better than most of the expensive options on the market. Speaking of which, it might not be a cheap contender when it comes to jeep bumpers with winch, however for the enhanced functionality and aesthetics that it offers, you can’t complain much. Also, it comes in a bare-metal design, so you still have to powder coat or paint it after buying it.

Unlike any stubby inexpensive front bumper, this product is truly built like a tank. It’s a solid and beefy-looking unit that can get the job done when it comes to your safety and overall protection. Being a sturdy bumper, you will require additional clearance if you are running larger 37-inch tires.

Standard Features

This Nighthawk Front Bumper from Artec has an integrated winch plate drilled in an entirely reasonable position. In addition to that, it has a couple of drilled holes in the rear section, so no matter what is your winch size, you can adjust it according to your preferences. It also contains a couple of D-ring tabs that are welded all the way through.

While at the back, you will get some threaded Nutserts®, making the installation easy as it gets. You can even incorporate the coolest jeep accessories, including factory fog lights or aftermarket LEDs, giving you extra versatility. With that said, these are not lightweight jeep bumpers, so you might face some issues in regulating it, but other than that, it’s a great jeep part.

You can get Nighthawk Bumper at artecindustries.com

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Types Of Front Jeep Bumpers To Choose From

To give you additional convenience in your next jeep wrangler bumper purchase, we have acquired some of the standard front bumper options in the market. Each of them is specific for its need, budget, and style, so you can’t go wrong picking either of them.

1)   Stubby Front Bumpers

If you’re a jeep owner who is into aggressive styling without limiting the off-road performance, then the Stubby jeep bumper design is just for you. Generally speaking, they cover the grill width, so you will protect to some extent from more minor obstacles as you head-on collide with them. So, safety-wise, it might not be wise to choose it on the front tires: however, what it does to better is enhance efficiency when you’re on track.

There is a large open room between them articulating in the off-road condition as easy as it gets. Besides that, your approach angles will be typically higher, which means you can incline up the hill or an obstacle with convenience. Most of the newer models even provide D-rings, winch mounts, and sometimes an ideal-sized stinger.

These stingers are integral in preventing your jeep from tipping over as you cross any sudden bump. As compared to top-mounted options, you do get additional airflow running across your engine to maintain its overall health.

Example;- Red Rock 4×4 Front Bumper

2)   Full-Width Front Bumpers

If someone is into safety rather than functionality, then the full-width jeep front metal bumper might suit your needs. It features heavy-duty front protection and isn’t much concerned about performance when off-road. This means it fenders any head-on collisions, which are common in harsh environments.

Its design will depend on the factory length, while additional features will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, full-width front bumpers are known for their standard functionalities, which most lower-end options, such as Stubby bumpers, lack. Additionally, these types of bumpers are customizable, so you can attach extra modifications if you require them.

They have multiple recoveries and mounting points, which you can use to attach fog or auxiliary LED according to your condition. If that’s not enough, you will love the standard bull bar, which comes from most of the full-width bumpers, and aids in safeguarding the front.

Example;- ARB Classic Front Bumper

3)   Mid-Width Front Bumpers

For those of you who are into the stability and protection of full-width bumpers as well as the responsiveness of Stubby bumpers, then the Mid-Width Front Bumpers might be a perfect option for you. So, in short, these are multi-purpose bumpers that will suit anyone’s needs. As the name suggests, they will tend to cover most of the grill section and whole sides to give your tires added safety.

Typically, this front bumper design is odd at first glance since they are angled up, even being a bit longer than the traditional models. Although this feature dramatically enhances your jeep’s clearance whenever you’re on trial. The grills will be a bit farther apart, but it’s not a big concern for many jeep users.

They do support extra room for accessories, meaning you can attach LED lighting as well as recovery points on the go. Similarly, they allow a bull bar, but it won’t be as tight as in full-length bumpers.

Example;- Poison Spyder Bruiser Mid Front Bumper

4)   Tubular Bumpers

Now, tubular bumpers are kind of rare these days as an attachment for jeep parts; however, they do hold a particular role in many cases. They are known for their retro styling while ensuring tons of features from a full-width setup. This construction will intuitively cover the front end of your wrangler, while the length of these tubular models will roughly be the same.

The tubular bumpers also perform a great job when it comes to front grill section protection. They are usually lightweight and can be installed easily without the need for secondary attachments. Their compact stature limits heaviness or sagginess at the front. The newer-end tubular models incorporate stainless steel construction, while other materials are also common in cheap designs.

Example;- Smittybilt Tubular Front Bumper


So, these were our thoughts on the top-rated Jeep bumpers for the Money that you can opt for in 2022. If you are still skeptical about front jeep jumpers, then let me summarize it quickly. If you are someone who’s looking to upgrade the look of your jeep wrangler or add bonus functionality either on-road or off-road then, front jeep bumpers are a great solution.

In addition to that, they offer you tire clearance which is kind of hard to find these days on traditional OEM bumpers. But what bumper is the best among the competition? Well, the answer is not as simple as it gets. Each of these accessories has its own set of perks and can offer you durability, maintenance, and ergonomics. That’s why we advise you to pick the one for your particular needs, even if you have to pay some extra up-front.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1, Are barricade custom bumpers for jeep wranglers worth it?

Barricade Jeep jk bumpers are known for their supreme quality and solid performance. So, even if you choose a rear bumper for jeep jk from this manufacturer, you won’t be disappointed.

Q2, What is the standard JK accessory other than jeep wrangler front bumper replacement?

No doubt, jeep winches, and bumpers are integral for any JK lover; however, accessories like Exhaust Snorkel, Air Intake, Performance Chassis, or even Fog lights should also be kept under consideration, especially in off-road conditions.

Q3, Are rock crawler bumpers jeeps easy to install?

The installation procedure of jeep jk rock crawler bumpers change from model to model; however, most of them can be assembled instantly with the provided tools.

Q4, What are the top jeep bumper brands on the market?

There are dozens of jeep bumpers made in the USA, each with its competent manufacturer. But when we talk about top-rated steel bumper for jeep wrangler brands, EAG, barricade, Nilight, as well as Smittybilt, stand out from the rest.

Q5, How are jeep Sahara bumpers different?

Sahara stock jeep bumpers are typically aesthetically pleasing. Their body is adequately coated and colored to give you a decent outlook in the long run.

Q6, How much warn rock crawler front bumper for the jeep wrangler jk cost?

Rock Crawler jeep wrangler bumpers are top-of-the-line front bumpers that are not only durable but relatively stable at the rear end. So, you can expect to pay a premium of $1000 for its purchase.

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