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10 Best Jeep Lift Kits in 2023【For Wrangler | Reviewed】

I hope you will agree with me when I say:

 “A pleasant ride can make your mood 10 times better!” 

If you own a jeep already, you probably would be finding ways to enhance your jeep’s performance and style. Altering your jeeps not only allows you to enhance their capabilities but also lets you customize them. Hence, the customization varies depending upon the likes and usage of the owner. Similarly, Jeep Lift Kits are a great way to upgrade your style and improve the performance of your jeep. The additional height can offer greater ground clearance and better angles for steep paths, resulting in a smooth and stable ride!

Therefore, we have comprised here for you a comprehensive guide on the Best Jeep Lift Kits available in the market. Find out all about lift kits and which ones suit your needs and want.

Things to consider before buying:

Use: First of all, it is necessary to ask yourself “why do I need a lift kit”. Once the application of the choice becomes visible, the decision becomes slightly less complicated. The use of the lift kit also determines the type of lift kit required.

Type: With the use is figured out, you can easily decide on the type. The type is directly related to the application of the lift kit. Hence, you can match the use of the kit with the appropriate lift kit type.

Features: With the preliminary factors taken into consideration, you can move on to reviewing different lift kits. At this point, you can relate the features of different lift kits to their respective use. The features may include the types of parts, the installation process, and the durability of the parts.

Best Jeep Lift Kit 2022:

The table below lists some of the most top-rated lift kits for jeeps that you can lay your hands on.

Jeep Lift KitsRatingPrice
MotoFab Lifts Full Lift Kit 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Check Price
Mopar Jeep Wrangler Lift Kit8.5/10
Check Price
Rough Country 3.5 Inch Lift Kit9.5/10
Check Price
TrueTwo Jeep Wrangler Suspension Lift Kit9/10
Check Price

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1. MotoFab Lifts Full Lift Kit

Why We Love It:

  • 3″ Full Lift Kit
  • Front and Rear Shock Extenders, allowing larger tires
  • Clears up to 35-inch Tires, making it ideal to fit larger tires
  • Front and Rear Brake Line Brackets
  • Black Powder Coat over High-grade Steel, making it durable
  • 100% Bolt-on Installation

✔️Full Kit with Brackets & Spacers❌Instructions are not Well-written
✔️Provides Great Clearance❌Needs some other extra Parts
✔️100% Bolt-on Installation
✔️Highly Durable Parts

2. Mopar Jeep Wrangler Lift Kit

Why We Love It:

  • Tuned Coil Springs to provide lift
  • Fox Shocks, which are lighter and have better heat dissipation
  • Brake Relocation Brackets, allowing proper brakes’ relocation
  • 4″ Lift Kit
  • Track Bar Bracket, allowing adjustment of the lateral location of the track bar

✔️Wide Range of Equipment❌Compatible with Only a Few Models
✔️Offers a Smooth Performance
✔️Contains Fox Shocks for Better Heat Dissipation

3. Rough Country 3.5 Inch Lift Kit

Why We Love It:

  • Full 3.5-inch Lift Kit
  • Compatible with 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited
  • Contains Factory-tuned Coil Springs & Coil Correction Plates
  • Premium N3 Shock Absorbers that are durable
  • Easy to Install, so practical for beginners
  • Includes a Wide Range of Equipment that ensure a smooth ride
  • Includes Control Arm Drop Bracket which helps to set the right geometry

✔️Wide Range of Equipment❌Exhaust Modification Required for 2012-up Models
✔️Contains Guide for Easy Installation❌Front Driveshaft in Risk of Getting in Contact with the Automatic Tranny Pan
✔️Great Value for Money
✔️Contains Parts to Correct the Geometry of the Vehicle after the lift

4. TrueTwo Jeep Wrangler Suspension Lift Kit

Why We Love It:

  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler & Jeep Cherokees
  • Provides a 2.5-inch Lift with Stock Isolators
  • Provides a 2-inch Lift without Stock Isolators
  • Includes a 2.5-Inch Coil Spacer Kit – Front & Rear
  • Parts are Made of Lifetime-grade Polyurethane, making them durable
  • An Affordable Jeep Lift Kit compared to others

✔️Easy to Install & Remove❌Not Suitable for Daily Drivers
✔️Affordable❌Some Necessary Tools were Missing
✔️Provides both 2" and 2.5" inches lift
✔️Lifetime Durable Parts

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Buying Guide:

Before making the final decision and choosing the lift kit, it is important to consider certain factors to make the most appropriate choice. These factors can have a significant effect on the use of lift kits.

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Jeep Body Lift VS Suspension Lift 

There are two main types of lift kits for jeeps present in the market. One of them is Jeep Body Lift, while the other one is Jeep Suspension Lift. Both of them provide different functionalities and can be used together or separately, as preferred. Although these two are the basic types, there are some other varieties available, too.

Jeep Body Lift

The Body Lift helps to raise the frame of your jeep higher. This allows change in the appearance of your vehicle, boosting its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the higher frame makes room for bigger wheels to be incorporated into the vehicle by increasing tire clearance. In this way, the larger tires do not rub off with the frame of the jeep.

Different materials such as plastics, hard rubber, and polyurethane bushings are used to create the lift and adjust the angles required. However, body lifts have some limitations, as they do not affect suspension or shock absorption. On the brighter side, body lift kits are much easier to install than suspension lift kits. Even though body lift kits tend to provide lower heights, they still can make a visible change in the appearance and function of the jeep.

Jeep Suspension Lift

The Suspension Lift pushes down the wheels from the frame of the jeep. This type of lift increases the performance of your jeep on off-road journeys. The lift might affect the handling of your jeep, but with a little use, you become accustomed to it. Due to increased off-road responsiveness, suspension lift kits are a great way to handle ground obstacles.

Suspension kits usually contain high-performance parts, which can vary according to the need. These can come with shocks, coils, frame components, sway bars, and sometimes, steering parts. Different parts and equipment are required to adjust the angles and ensure that components remain efficient. These kits are comparatively more expensive than body lift kits.

Leveling Kits

Besides the body lift kits and the suspension lift kits, there is a third type as well. As the name suggests, the leveling kits are used to level the jeep. Most of the time, the rear part of the vehicle is capable of accommodating larger tires, unlike the front end. Hence, these leveling kits are used to raise the front end to match the rear part of the jeep.

Leveling kits do not include suspension and many other parts that are otherwise present in the other two kits. These kits usually feature basic parts to raise the overall frame or just the front end of the jeep in order to adjust larger tires. The front-end leveling kits can also be paired with spacer blocks for an all-around lift.

Best Jeep Lift Kit Brands

When you are making any changes to your vehicle, you need to be sure about the quality of the products being used. This is because of the fact that the quality determines the safety of the journey. Although the market is filled with varieties of lift kits, one can only trust a few. Therefore, in case you are completely unsure of which are the best lift kit brands for jeep, we have got you covered. Following are some of the most top-rated jeep lift kit brands out there.

1. Mopar

Mopar has been in the industry since the 1930s. Anyone with good knowledge about the car/jeep industry is most likely familiar with the name already. Accounting for its long and successful tenure, Mopar is one of the finest jeep lift kit brands.

2. Skyjacker

The Skyjacker kit reviews are convincing enough to make you buy them. For more than 40 years, right from the very start, the company has continuously been producing high-quality off-road products for jeeps.

3. Steinjager

If you look for Steinjager jeep lift kit reviews online, you will automatically know the reason for it being on this list. Although the company is fairly small compared to the others, it tends to produce industrial-quality products that you can trust for your jeeps.

4. Rough Country

Even if you are relatively new in the jeep market, you probably would have heard about this Dyersburg, Tenn. company. The brand is well-known to manufacture heavy-duty off-road rigs for not only jeeps but all types of vehicles.


This sums up our list of the top-rated lift kits for jeep available in the market. If you are in need of the smoothest riding jeep lift kits, even on off-road adventures, this guide is the most appropriate place to start. Before pondering over the options made available, make sure to understand “which lift kit is best for my jeep”. Once you are well-informed about the different types of kits as well as your specific needs and wants, only then you will be fully capable of making the right choice. Moreover, we have also provided you with a Buying Guide to make a guided path for you!

If you have any other lift kits-related queries, head over to the FAQ section given at the very end to ease your troubles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Most appropriate jeep lift kit for highway driving

With the increase in the trend of altering and customizing vehicles, the potential markets have grown significantly. Multiple brands and companies have either emerged or started adopting more than one niche. Similarly, there is an exponential increase in the availability of jeep lift kits. The higher the number of options, the more difficult it becomes to choose. However, some of the better lift kits for highway driving have been provided under this answer from the list of lift kits compiled for the scope of this article.

Other than these, some other top lift kit brands you can check out are Skyjacker, Teraflex, Rubicon, and Mopar. All of these are well-reputed options with great customer reviews and feedbacks. The wide range and quality of products offered by them provide lift without compromising performance. The lift allows more clearance for bigger tires as well as enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

2. Which lift kit is best for my jeep? / What lift kit should I get for my jeep?

Whenever you come across a decision such as this particular one, the most successful way to begin is to list down your need. It is highly important that you must realize the use of the product you are about to buy before actually buying it. Different lift kits provide focus on different functionalities. You need to know what type of lift is required and what is the use of the jeep, beforehand. Such factors help you in making the right choice.

The three different types of lift kits for jeeps are described in this guide that can help you to understand the type you require. Besides the application of the jeep lift kit, compatibility check is another huge factor to consider. It is important to note that some kits are either compatible with certain brands’ jeeps or some specific models. 

You can learn more about it in detail under our Jeep Lift Kit Buying Guide.

3. What is the most compatible jeep lift kit for JK?

Needless to say, many of the lift kits available in the market are compatible with Wrangler Jeep models. Although it offers a good amount of options to choose from, the decision to choose the most adequate one becomes more complicated. However, we have just the solution for you.

According to our research and experience, we suggest the MotoFab Lifts Full Lift Kit as the top option for your Wrangler JK. Providing a lift of 3 inches, it gives clearance for tires up to 35 inches. The lift contains a wide variety of parts, ensuring efficiency with greater performance.

4. Who makes the top jeep lift kit?

Nowadays, a number of brands are in competition with each other for making the finest jeep lift kits. However, there are plenty of brands doing a great job. On one hand, a company is well-known for making the finest body lift kits while on the other, another is more popular for making better suspension lift kits.

Some of the most top-rated jeep lift kit brands include:

  • Rough Country
  • MotoFab Lifts
  • Skyjacker
  • TrueTwo

5. What is the best jeep lift kit?

Our top pick for the overall great lift kit is the MotoFab Lifts Full Lift Kit. It is a full lift kit providing a range of various parts. The different parts account for different functionalities, thereby not compromising efficiency at any cost. Moreover, the high-quality parts are quite durable, making them both, on and off-road preferences.

6. Most compatible lift kit for Jeep Wrangler JL?

Out of the list of recommended products mentioned in this guide, the Rough Country 3.5 Inch Lift Kit is the most suitable choice for a Jeep Wrangler JL. It is frequently mentioned in jeep LJ lift kit reviews, as well. This particular kit provides a good amount of clearance and factory-quality handling. Moreover, the installation process is a fairly easy one and also the kit does not make a huge dent in your pockets. The excellent-quality products come with a lifetime warranty, which you will probably not need.

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